Greg Manchess workshop - Day #3

It is sadly the *last* day of our workshop with the fabulous Greg...
 So.Much.Stuff! The day(s) flew by.

 Lecture, lecture -

 work, work -

 lecture, lecture -

 work, work (study, reference...)-

 lecture, lecture, critique, draw some *more*.

 Lots attempted. Lots done. Lots learned. Lots talked about. Lots to think about and keep applying. Lots of great people to get to know and work with. SO good overall.

-so much so, we continued to talk, share and deliberate even after coming home to decompress... (Part of the fun for me was having a third of the class staying at my house for the duration. :-)

At any rate, I came home with ideas for a number of new pieces to explore, and hopefully expanded skills with which to attempt them.

Thanks all you workshop folks - it was a weekend to remember.

And thanks so much Greg for sharing your fabulousness.