Surprise Last-Minute Epic Workshop of Awesome!

In Iain's last appearance before his 2 year-absence movie-making in Europe, and Brom's first appearance in a formal workshop setting, we are pleased to announce a one-time, amazing-duo opportunity:

The Magic Art of Visual Storytelling with Iain McCaig & Brom, Fri-Sun, August 17-19 $600

From initial concept to finished artwork, internationally acclaimed writers/artists Iain McCaig and Brom reveal their dynamic approach to crafting story through illustration.

In this highly interactive workshop, Brom and McCaig work with participants to re-imagine a classic tale in a new genre, demonstrating how to create captivating illustrations and iconic character designs as well as breaking down world creation and essential story structure. Each participant will be assigned a key frame in the story and work with the instructors to bring that image to life. The workshop culminates in the creation of a story reel weaving together all the images for this re-imagined tale. Drawing and painting exercises will be augmented by in-depth discussions, demonstrations, and one-on-one conversations with these two incredible instructorstailoring their input to your personal drawing and painting techniques. Limit: 23 students.

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