Brom - Day #3

We finished up our various key frames in the morning (more on that in the following post), so while those were being scanned and collated, we got an afternoon of Brom goodness. :-)
We got to see a long, marvelous presentation on Brom's history of his art-making.
(and a preview of a fabulous looking kick-starter project that is coming Very Soon! Keep an eye open).

Then step three of his painting process was demonstrated...


He also brought a pile of originals for us to examine up close and drool over. :-) :-)

Gorgeous gorgeous brushwork. The subtlety! The color! The luscious shapes and design. Mmmmm - so great to see in person!

And I won the lottery - in addition to the beautiful, signed prints that he brought for everyone, he let *me* take home the demo painting. I'm a happy happy girl.

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