Brom/McCaig Workshop - Day #1

- taught by the dynamic duo of Brom, and Iain McCaig.

Iain (along with input from Brom) talked about the elements of dynamic story -

After which, we used those 'story beats' to re-imagine a traditional tale, in a different genre. In this case, The Pied Piper, as a supernatural horror story, told from the viewpoint of a rat. :-)

(Here's our story - all diagrammed out).

Aaaaaand - lunch break out, eatin' with faculty (one of the perks of these smaller class sizes.) (Here with Catherine Bassova, Iain McCaig and Jennifer Oliver.)

After lunch, we discussed the needed characters, and assigned them out -

Here we are working hard - with our illustrious faculty helping out and giving input...

At the appointed time, we all gathered and looked at our various drawings, and the faculty evaluated and determined the direction of the various characters, based on our sketches.

(This takes serious contemplation!)

After reviewing everything, we have a direction for drawing tonight, and class tomorrow. SO MUCH TO DO!

Afterwards - about half of us went out to dinner with Iain and Brom. Much discussion of art and story with enthusiastic professionals all around.

Great first day!

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