Sneak Peek into the Terese Nielsen workshop -

Curious about what we'll be covering in the upcoming Terese's workshop? Here's a peek at our assignment - 

Idealized Realism and the Human Figure

The assignment for this weekend is to portray an iconic, idealized image of the essence or attitude of a chosen character. (This would be similar to what is assigned to an illustrator for an interior book illustration, character driven card art, or spot illustrations for a magazine or D&D manual.)

Your Task

Bring a’ bio’ to class of a character that you will depict from mid thigh or waist up. We're focusing on beauty/idealism so choose one (male/female) that you have an affinity for, and will provide the opportunity to portray attitude and charisma. (Think angels, gods/goddesses or characters from mythology). Bring a half page write-up about your character: no need to put your writers-hat on here, just notes and details about the character.


Character’s name
Character description: Bullet points about the essence of the character as if you're describing him/her to someone
Mood: What is the character’s attitude or feeling that you want to portray?

(Below is a sample art description given to me for the Magic: the Gathering illustration depicted above.

            TITLE: [Basandra, Battle Seraph]
            SIZE: 2 1/16" (52mm) wide X 1 1/2" (38mm) tall  
            Color: White and red legendary creature 
            Location: Sky
            Action: Show Basandra, a legendary angel whose presence heralds war. Like all Magic angels, she's a sexy badass, but she has fire-engine-red hair and carries a long cat-o'-nine-tails with steel cable whips. It's up to you to design her costuming and style; she should feel like one of a kind.
            Focus: Basandra, the archangel of war
            Mood: "The blood spilled today shall be sanctified in my name.")
We will only be working on the drawing aspect of the illustration, which will include selecting appropriate, powerful reference, as well as shooting supplemental photos for costuming or hand and arm positions. The final drawing can be drawn entirely by hand or partially composed in Photoshop and printed if you wish to speed up the process of achieving a tight final tracing paper sketch. Keep your design iconic, without complicated backgrounds or surroundings. Select design elements and symbolism that are relevant and supportive to what the character is about.