Terese Nielsen Workshop - Day #3

It was a full and busy final day -
Some of us really got into the moment.... 

More fabulous presentation on the beauty of her process. Lots of samples of her work...

(which includes so so many altered version of her Force of Will MtG card :-)

We all busily worked on our assignments...

...with Terese looking over our shoulders and nudging us all to better pieces. 

Then we all put our pieces up on the wall for our final show-and-tell/critique-

There were also portfolio reviews -

And many, many gorgeous prints for sale - 

- and personalizing...

All capped off with a final farewell dinner together. So much learned, yet it seemed far too soon to say goodbye.
Another great weekend workshopping!

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Ray Greaves said...

That class looks like it was so much fun....damn you long distance keeping me from attending!

Also, is that a homemade "Mask of Avacyn" from Magic in the first photo? lol