Greg Manchess Week!

The Greg Manchess workshop is this upcoming weekend!

This means we will be talking about our favorite Manchess paintings over on the TLCWorkshop Facebook page. Come play along!

There will also be day-by-day posts on the workshop iteself, so stay tuned!

A quote from Greg's Muddy Colors post on Talent: Never trade luck for skill. You can wait for your muse to show up, or you can manhandle that muse to submit to your will. Never believe your talent will show up someday. It’s very likely it won’t. But if you train, if you go through the hard work of understanding and observing and practice, you won’t need it.

My muse is fickle. Most times when it shows up it’s an energy-sucking vampire slut. I carry a stake made from training.

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Soozcat said...

Also he's a kick in the pants.