Greg Manchess Workshop - Day #3

It's the last day of Greg's workshop (how did that happen so fast?!!)
Lots of great input, examples and instruction from Greg -

We got to see examples of his thumbnail evolutions from teensy postage stamp sized, to slightly larger with rough tone, to postcard sized with more refined tone - ALL so gorgeous, clean, readable, dynamic - fabulousness.

Many many wonderful examples of preliminary explorations of known paintings. So fun to see the variations of things that could-have-been....

Man, I love these value studies! There is some swoonage going on.

More demos happened.

And we worked hard. Many many compositions explored, refined, critiqued, pushed further...

Reluctantly, we had to stop (I wish we had another couple of days to keep working at least!), and got to have a little show and tell of our favorite piece of the weekend.

(There were a lot of really fun and interesting pieces - hence, there was a lot of picture taking.)

We had a lovely, leisurely final farewell dinner together. Greg is an amazing artist and human, and it was great getting to spend the weekend with him and such a fabulous group of interesting and talented people.

Thanks you all! It was a memorable and super productive weekend.

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