Changing up the 2013 line-up yet again -

Artist's schedules can be a slippery thing. Sadly, Iain McCaig is now roped into a movie gig for the next number of months and will not be able to get away in August to spend the weekend with us. 

But wait! There is good news! Bravely stepping in to fill the gap is the amazing duo of Justin Gerard and Cory Godbey!

And here is the territory we'll be adventurously traversing -

Story and Pictures

In this dual-faculty workshop, Justin Gerard and Cory Godbey will cover their illustration processes and approaches to character-driven art. Students will work alongside the instructors to conceptualize and design their own character, work to craft their visual story, and put it all together into a single image. The class will be heavily geared toward drawing and painting traditionally, but Justin and Cory will also demonstrate how they use digital tools to enhance their work.

Dates, tuition and payment options can be seen on the line-up page. Come play with us!

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