Meet the Faculty - Cory Godbey

Cory Godbey has illustrated picture books, book covers, and other projects for clients such as HarperCollins, Random House, Archaia and The Jim Henson Co. He has worked on animated shorts and commercials with clients including Prudential Insurance, Microsoft Zune, and the documentary film The Last Flight of Petr Ginz. Cory’s work has been featured in many annuals and publications including Imagine FX, The Society of Illustrators Annual, and Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. His short graphic novel stories can be found in the award winning, Eisner nominated Flight graphic novel anthologies. 

Cory seeks to tell stories with his work. He also likes to draw monsters.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve learned recently?

This past year working on "Menagerie" I learned more about drawing, about actually seeing and absorbing information and then translating that into an image than any personal project before. I feel my "visual vocabulary" expanded, learning when to adapt reference or drop it and just use my imagination.

How do you battle through rough patches? What drives you forward?

I love drawing. I love making things up and seeing them come to life before my eyes. It never fails to surprise and delight me. If I'm ever bogged down with a piece I give it a rest (usually the "over-night" test and in most cases the problem is apparent given a little distance and it just takes reapplying that pressure.

       What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

     Very simple: "Only put in your portfolio the sort of work you want to do." I think that as a guide translates into every aspect of your work. You have to discover what it is you want to do, what you want to show, and pursue that with all your heart.

At this stage in your career, what is your dream project?

I'm working towards those one by one! I have books and books, dozens of folders of ideas, stories, and projects that I'm always working through. Each one is the dream project at the moment. And getting to work on the Labyrinth comics has been a dream come true, for sure.

What’s one thing your students will take away from your workshop?

I'd love for students to gain a better understanding of characters and be fired up about making images! Get ready to work!

To come play with us at Justin Gerard and Cory Godbey's August workshop, "Story & Pictures", go to the sign-up page here.

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