Meet the Faculty - Justin Gerard

From the moment that Justin Gerard first learned that the crayons were designed for coloring and not for eating, he has been drawing.
Throughout his career Justin has worked for clients such as Dreamworks, Warner Brothers., Disney, Harper Collins, Penguin Books, Pyr, Little Brown, Thomas Nelson, Ligoneer, Sony, Mad Magazine and others, on projects ranging from posters, to book illustrations, to t-shirts, to animations, to video games.  

Justin's work has been regularly featured in Spectrum Fantastic Art and has appeared in Society of illustrators Annuals, Expose and Flight. Justin also contributes articles to visual design magazines such as ImagineFX and to blogs such as Muddycolors.  His work has also won an Ippy Award, the Chelsey Award and a Silver Award from Spectrum.

What is the most exciting thing you've learned recently?

That just a touch of highlighting can make all the difference in a form.  

How do you battle through rough patches? What drives you forward?

By having a clear vision of where you want to be or where you want your abilities to be.  
Also, I just really love doodling.  And sooner or later after doodling enough you find yourself wanting to finish the piece, and before you know it you are back painting again and fighting through the same rough spots you were before. Only this time with a little more wisdom and practice, and a better shot at success.  

What do you wish you had known earlier in your career?

How the old masters painted in oil. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Keep your shadows vague and your highlights sharp.  

At this stage in your career, what is your dream project?

To illustrate something like the Hobbit or the Narnia books.  And also to make a video game, or provide the art direction for a game at some point.  I love creating worlds and would love a chance to do that in a game.

What’s one thing your students will take away from your workshop?

That art is a science, not some mystical thing that only certain special people have.  Anyone can learn to do it and once they know how it will open up worlds of possibilities for them. 

To come play with us at Justin and Cory Godbey's August workshop, "Story & Pictures", go to the sign-up page here.

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