Greg Spalenka's Artist As Brand - Day #1

Today, a number of lovely artists gathered for Greg Spalenka's Artist as Brand workshop!

Greg dispensed pearls of wisdom gleaned from years of industry experience.

(Plus we got to see LOTS of his amazingly gorgeous art from throughout his career) -

See us studiously taking notes!

There were probing questions and exercises. We broke up into groups to discuss and clarify our vision.

(We are visionary!)

At one point, Todd Lockwood got to stand on his chair and declare his core virtue. Sadly, I did not get a picture to commemorate the occasion. You'll just have to picture this yourself. :-)

There was much learning, discovery and camaraderie. 

Looking forward to tomorrow. :-)


Soozcat said...

Was there any yelling of "O Captain! my Captain!"? Because if so I need to start taking art lessons so I can join your workshops.

Tara Chang said...

Sadly no! Although that would have been perfect. :-)

Greg Spalenka said...

It was a room filled with captains of the heart!