Greg Spalenka's Artist As Brand - Day #2

Thankfully, day #2 dawned bright and sunny and the snow is gone...

Very full day! Including declaring our core values -

(and look! I was able to capture Todd Lockwood in full "O Captain, my Captain" mode! :-)

We had a great hour of Skyping with Life Coach, Greg Montana (he is pretty darn amazing).

There was more instruction -

-and some spectacular 'show and tell' samples of artistic self promotion....

My favorite example came from the lovely Roxana Villa (who just happens to be Greg's wife), with the gorgeous packaging of her insanely yummy botanical perfumes.

We also had some 'group think' helping each of us with thinking outside of our own boxes with our personal art objectives. Wow. A room full of brains is so much more creative than one!

And through it all, Greg dispensed such enthusiasm, wisdom and insight. A truly magnificent human. (We are lucky students!!)

A quiet dinner with Greg and Todd after a very full day. Awesome guys.

I'm sad that tomorrow is the last day. Even though I've taken this workshop once before, I am getting so much from this second time around.

You all should be here.

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