Justin Gerard-Cory Godbey Workshop - Day #1

(I'm apologizing in advance - my camera settings were off and everything is grainy.)
 Today we began our big superpalooza workshop of the summer (multiple faculty! Twice as many students! Filling both rooms!)

 The main stars of the faculty show - Justin Gerard and Cory Godbey - got us off to a rousing start.

 (see us listen attentively!)

 There were presentations and discussions.

 Our thumbnails and sketches were critiqued -

 (with great enthusiasm!)

 (reference, character studies, value comp, compiled sketch...)

Justin and Cory were constantly available for input.

 Charles McKinnon shows off world's cutest (and quite effective!) pencil sharpener.

 Dinner in the courtyard.

And on to a long night of drawing!

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Soozcat said...

Excellent class, and I'm loving your artwork of fairy-niece with pet dinosaur. (And is it all right to note here that Mr. McKinnon is adorable?) Thanks!