Justin Gerard-Cory Godbey Workshop - Day #2

(again - pardon the blurry. My camera is on the fritz.)
 Day #2 had more lectures - more demos -

 -and lots of working hard!

 (equal parts slaving and mutual inspiration going on :-)

 After lunch, we had a visit from the awesome Iain McCaig!

 We got a couple of enthusiastic, crazy-informative hours of insight into Iain's creative brain..

 We got to watch creature-concept design appear right before our eyes. :-)

 It made for an especially fabulous afternoon. Anytime you can watch Iain McCaig in action-do so!

 Here's a little glimpse of some of the day #2 work going on - 

 Karen Watson's sketches.

 The stylings of Bridget Underwood.

 Cutest space beast ever from Mike Bear.

 The gorgeous drawings of Naomi Baker.

 A truly spectacular piece by Heather Hudson.

 Michelle Waldele-Dick's underpainting.

We worked well into the night to get as far along as possible before our final day...

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