Justin Gerard-Cory Godbey Workshop - Day #3

(Camera still fuzzy. Apologies again).
Our final day - more working, more demos....

Justin  demonstrated Arthur Rackham's painting method (as written about by William Stout).

Must try more of this!

Cory also demonstrated his digital wizardry...

We got to see his process of digitally painting the "Alice" drawing he'd been working on the previous 2 days.

Justin was also working on his Beauty and the Beast piece - we got to see a great deal of the process throughout the weekend.

(So MUCH attentive watching!)

Country Village resident sculpture-artist, Dennis Brown, also spent a little time checking out the goings-on. It was a popular place. :-)

All too soon, our weekend came to a close.. One last dinner together....

Thanks to all for another wonderful workshop experience!

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