Tobin/Keller - and McCaig! Workshop - Day #3

 For our final day, we were visited by Jedi Grand Master, Iain McCaig!

 We were treated to examples of his work.

 Discussions on archetypes -

 - demonstrations of his approach to character design -

 (complete with sound effects!)

 Paul and Nick assisted with real-world reference materials to draw from - 

 Cue some epic music, and Eureka! A new character appears right before our eyes!

 We all avidly observed!

 (He is a mesmerizing speaker. If you ever get a chance to experience, don't miss out!)

 ...Lunch break out in the sunshine....

 Then back to work!

 More critiquing happened - 

 - by all three faculty, sometimes at once. :-) We hurriedly implemented all their suggestions we could.

 And then it was time for the final go-around-group critique.

 We got to see what each other had been working on and got final observations from our esteemed faculty.

 And all too soon, it is time for our farewell-dinner....

 (There were so many of us, that we were spread across 4 sets of tables)

 Lots of last-minute chatting, sketching, networking, and conversation...

What a great weekend! Great faculty. Great students. Great learning.
A great time!

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