Tobin/Keller Workshop! - Day #1

We had a great first day today with the amazing Paul Tobin and Nick Keller of Weta Workshop.

 There was some lecture (given with their charming Kiwi accents) -

 We got to hear about some of their Hobbit movie designing - which was awesome.
Then we were given an official concept-design assignment of our own to work on in class.

 Working hard - with lots of input from our fearless leaders.

 There was visual research -

 - and working in all sorts of mediums. From full out digital-kits -

 - to completely traditional. Ie, good, old-fashioned pencil!

 More presentation.

 More hard working.

 More instructor input.

More media options.

 It was actually pretty amazing watching these guys' brains and fingers at work.

A fabulously focused and awesome first day! Looking forward to tomorrow!

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