Tobin/Keller Workshop! - Day #2

 Day two gave us - more presentations,

 (more note-taking),

 more input and critiques...

 Lots of hard working -

 - both digitally,

 and traditionally.

 Nick showed us some digital artistry, and then we continued plugging away for the rest of the afternoon - 

 I utilized a little quickie sculpting to visualize my designs in 3D -

 Sketching them onto my character -

 -Playing with prop design...

Just as class was ending, our party was crashed by none other than Jedi Grand Master, Iain McCaig. :-)

 It's particularly fun going out to dinner with other artists when they give you crayons and a paper tablecloth. 




Really great day #2!
Sad there is only one left to go!

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