Allen Williams Workshop - Day #1

So, we started Allen Williams' workshop of awesome today!

I've been wanting for ages now to watch Allen work.  The way he wields his pencils is downright magical!

(Some of the tools of the trade.)

Allen starting to detail his abstract shapes... (It just got more and more amazing).

We also got to pour over a bundle of sketches, studies and in-process pieces.

Truly breath-taking. The originals are so much more spectacular than what you see online or in print.

And seeing the initial sketches that lead up to the finishes was fabulous.

We were given the challenge to develop a creature based on a rhino beetle
 - see some of the amazing critters class members came up with.

And here is how far Allen got by the end of the day. :-) It is so nuanced and spectacular in person. Can't wait to see it proceed!

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