Allen Williams Workshop - Day #3

 Last workshop day....

 Our last chance to observe Allen's process.....

 Which we watched avidly - 

 - hanging on every brush-stroke here!

 And then we all got back at it.

 Heads down and working hard!

 (There were many casualties of clean fingers and noses!)

 Other things happened as sparkles anyone?

 But mostly work...... and then, show-and-tell -

 - and final critique.

 Lots of really cool and interesting work happened.

 (See more samples of work in the next post!)

 Here's where Allen's demo ended up. I'll see if I can get it scanned and show you a close-up of the *exquisite* teensy-tiny details!

 Farewell dinner. Sad and alas...

 Twas really an impressive group of art and artists.

Thanks so much Allen! Love you and your work so much!

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