Meet the faculty - Greg Spalenka!

This year TLCWorkshops is collaborating with 
Krab Jab Studio to bring you two exciting workshops in conjunction with MythicWorlds in February 2015!

The first one will be taught by the illustrious Greg Spalenka 
who will be presenting his phenomenal Artist As Brand workshop, February 18-19.

About Artist As Brand: There are some crucial steps to learn to achieve long term art career longevity. The first is to know your heart's purpose. Bringing clarity to the foundation of your talent connects you to your creations in a profound manner. After that, it is all about target marketing and being committed to your goal.

This Artist As Brand workshop is a semester-long college course compressed into two days. It has been taught around the U.S. and in South America. The "Artist As Brand Workbook", created in conjunction to the workshop and is used as a textbook for art business courses.

As an educator, Greg designed the Artists As Brand workshop to empower art career sustainability. He's looking forward to seeing a new generation of artist entrepreneurs making their dreams come true.

About Greg Spalenka: It has been over three decades since he started his journey as a professional artist, illustrating for America's most prominent publishers of books, magazines and newspapers (from Rolling Stone to Tor to The New York Times). He won many awards throughout the years, Gold and Silver medals from the NYC Society of Illustrators, Spectrum and others but his accolade was realizing he could make his mark and a living without compromising too much of his personal vision. He found working as a concept designer on five feature CG animated and live action films (including The Golden Compass, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and Escape from Planet Earth) an amazing education and gratifying on many levels but at the end of the day he did not own anything he produced, nor could he make or sell prints etc... from those images after they were created. When working in the industries of the corporate world, he was only a hired hand.

These experiences highlighted the need for another way to approach one's art career, and Artist As Brand was born.

About this Krab Jab/TLCWorkshop Event:

When - Wednesday-Thursday, Feb. 18-19, from 10am-8pm (this directly preceeds the MythicWorlds Convention, Feb 20-22).

Where - at Krab Jab Studio in the Georgetown area of Seattle (10 minutes form the SeaTac Airport). Group rates for local lodging are available at the Georgetown Inn.

Fee - $195. Students can receive a 25% discount ($145) with proof of enrollment status. Enroll here.

Additional Perks - An advance copy of the Artist As Brand e-Workbook (a $29 value).
            - A three-day pass to MythicWorlds (a $50 value). This is an amazing opportunity to see how the principles you learned in the workshop can be applied at an event like this (Greg will have a booth there).
             - Participants will also have the opportunity to create a group show at Krab Jab Studio in 2016! We will brainstorm the possibilities about what that will look like during the workshop.

Learn more about Artist As Brand here.

See more of Greg's art career in the brand new book, "The Art of Greg Spalenka" published by Titan Books/London.


"I needed help getting my own personal art and business off the ground and running. That is where the Artist As Brand workshop came to my rescue. It allowed me to plan for my success while still having time to create! It even made me a better artist in general, because it gave me the confidence to KNOW that I can succeed with my art. Knowing I could succeed with my own art made me want to BECOME a better artist!"

- Alex Ruiz, Illustrator, Concept Designer, CA

"Thank you very much for the Artist As Brand workshop. It was everything I needed and more. (After losing both of my years-long representation at a couple of small galleries due to the owner's retirement, my art sales were barely a trickle, my confidence was somewhere beneath the Cretaceous layer, and I was in serious bad shape.) I appreciated your inspiration, your insights, the time you took with each of us, and especially your warmth and inclusivity. My art and life have a direction now. I'm pretty sure that is a first. And I'm old!"

- Tom Sarmo, Artist and Illustrator, CO

"Setting out on a career in art is like walking a tightrope. For many, the way will prove to be too narrow, the tensions will change, or the wire will take an unexpected turn. But what if you could turn the tightrope into a road? The Artist As Brand workshop contains all the tools you need to build the road to success in art: tools, motivation, and personal insight. It is invaluable. I highly recommend it."

- Todd Lockwood, Illustrator and Author, WA

 For more information on this workshop and to register, go here!

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