Virginie Ropars Workshop!

 This weekend, we got to spend a day with the incomparable fantasy sculptor, Virginie Ropars.

 We had a full-to-the-brim room full of admiring sculptors.

 Virginie could not be more charming, or darling (or talented).

 We got to see and hear about many examples of her work, and her working processes.

 We also got to watch her sculpt a face from scratch (whilst trying to duplicate the process on our own).

 I was enamored watching, not only this lovely face appearing out of 'nothing' - 

 - but also the grace and delicacy of Virginie's talented hands...

 All lovely....

 We all worked on our own versions, while Virginie helped out where needed.

 Generally, our efforts were claimed a successful learning experience and we definitely went away inspired (this fun face was sculpted by class member, Beth Hammer).

See some of that inspiration here in a couple of detail shots of Virginie's sample piece... *sigh*

And stay tuned! TLCWorkshops is working on getting Virginie to return for a much longer teaching stint, hopefully in 2016! (Subscribe to the mailing list to keep up with this and all the news if you haven't already).

If you are in the Seattle area, you can see more of her pieces this month at Krab Jab Studio in Georgetown, or meet her in person this upcoming weekend at MythicWorlds

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castof1000s said...

That was a great class, learned quite a bit of great techniques and different ways to accomplish designs. Virginie is a sweet woman with an incredible talent.