Omar Rayyan Workshop - 1st Day Demo

We're are so lucky to be able to watch Omar paint!
(Everyone wanted a closer look - so I had to take oblique, stealth photos. Sorry!)

For his in-class demos, Omar is working directly out of his head. Instead of drawing an initial sketch on the watercolor paper, 
he very VERY lightly starts to indicate and block in some of the initial shapes.

With the basics down, he starts to get more specific with the most important elements in a slightly darker value.

(We also got an incredibly-insightful running commentary on his thought processes behind his painting decisions).

A few more lightly indicated details...

Starting to establish the background tone, etc....

Gradually and meticulously adding more and more detail...

(WIP and palette)

Close up of this handsome guy! :-)


Sara Silkwood said...

Beautiful! What kind of paper is that?

Tara Chang said...

Fabriano hot press, 140#.