Tim Bruckner Workshop - Results!

Here are the final "glamor shots" of the sculptures created in this weekend's Expressive Sculpture and Maquettes class, taught by Tim Bruckner.

Brian Dugas

Barrett Hinkle

Catherine Bassova

Ben Misenar

Kim Buhler

Nick Ballantyne

Matthew Hedges

Paul Comte

Grace Liou

Joel West

Edgar Hernandez

Michelle Waldele-Dick

Tara Larsen Chang

And this was Tim's sample cast piece he created for the workshop - 

- and here's the one he created in class!

Great work! Great weekend.
Thanks again to Tim, and to Chavant Clay for sponsoring. (Their clay is awesome. You should try it).


Rebecca Bush said...

Everyone's work turned out great! Congratulations on a wonderful workshop.

Nathan Lough said...

Really wonderful work! There's so much expression in each one - I imagine that must have been one of the key lecture points....